The reviews are starting to come in:
  • “fantastic…nothing sort of amazing” (Antonio Cangiano )
  • “I just finished this book, cover to cover. I rarely read books like this all the way through. I scan them and keep them around in case they help me out of a jam. But this book is different. It is formative in the sense that the original Gang of Four (GoF) book on patterns was formative: it asks us to think about our problems in fresh ways.” (David L. Richards, from his review)
  • Design Patterns in Ruby “is a great demonstration of the implementation of the classic Gang of Four design patterns in Ruby and it is well written… [While] never dizzyingly complex, it does go deep on some of Ruby’s features, so you’re going to be learning how to put together DSLs, how to use magic methods, duck typing, the issues related to dynamic typing, and other such voodoo.” (Peter Cooper)
  • “Great book about some of the more advanced things that can be done with Ruby” (Ikai Lan, from his review on
  • “All in all, Design Patterns In Ruby is a really good book. I’m planning on spending a lot more time with it, and it looks to have a regular spot at my desk.” (Review in the On Ruby blog)
  • ”...can definitely see this occupying a place on my bookshelf” (Al Hoang in his Just another weblog)