Welcome to the companion website to the book Design Patterns In Ruby

What’s new?
  • A French translation is in the works! Scheduled to appear later this year, the French edition will bring Design Patterns In Ruby to the language of Pascal, thanks to Laurent Julliard, Mikhail Kachakidze and Richard (with an ‘i’) Piacentini
  • Design Patterns In Ruby returns to the land that gave birth to Ruby – a Japanese edition is also in the works, stay tuned for details!
From this site you can:
  • Read the reviews
  • Buy the book in hardcopy from the usual suspects including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Buy the book in electronic form from Safari Books Online
  • Download the complete source code for all of the examples in the book here.
  • See the errata here. If you have found a mistake in the book, just email me at russ at russolsen dot com
  • Read the interviews that I have given about the book
  • Find out about the “lost” patterns: The book doesn’t cover all of the original GoF patterns. Why not? To find out, visit the Why not all of the patterns?
  • Read the article that led to the book being written.