Here is some helpful stuff related to the book:

  • The article that started it all for me

    In February 2006, when all of the excitement about Rails and Ruby was just coming to a boil, I wrote a short article in my blog about, well, design patterns in Ruby. This caught the attention of a brilliant editor of very refined literary tastes over at Addison-Wesley (Hi Chris!), and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Looking back on that original article makes me shiver a little bit (hint: I got some things wrong). In any case, you can read it for yourself.

  • The lost Facade Pattern chapter

    I had originally planned to include the Facade Pattern in the book, but in the end I didn’t. I did however, write a draft of that doomed chapter and here it is.

  • OPML outline

    Jochen Hayek was kind enough to put this outline of the book together. This is an OPML file, essentially an XML outline.

  • Alternate rendition of the example code

    Nick Slocum put together his own version of the code from DPiR along with some notes from the book. You can find it all over at his project in github

  • Article on the structural design patterns

    Gregory Brown has written a good article about design patterns and Ruby over at his late and great Ruby Best Practices blog. You can find Gregory’s more recent musings at https://practicingruby.com.

  • Article on the Template Pattern

    You can also find a good discussion of the Template Pattern over at DockYard’s ReefPoint blog

  • Martin Fowler talks Circuit Breaker

    Martin Fowler has a great discussion of the CircuitBreaker Pattern, which isn’t covered in the book but is important nevertheless.